Saturday, January 17, 2009

Serves them right: Die, CircuitCity, Die!

Sorry employees, but your company sucked.  And those of you who aided in those actions ought be punished too.

Yes, I am still bitter about the Circuit City incident.  We've never put a penny on our card that we got for that purchase and never will.  

On a lighter note, this evening I ordered an HL67A750 from  We'll see how that buying experience goes.  The lamp on our HL-T5075s is right around its usable life after only a year.  I checked the lamp hours and was shocked - we watch a lot of TV apparently.  At any rate, the warranty on it will expire in March, so I'll get a new bulb installed before then, then put that TV in the bedroom.  This should save us a few hundred in the long run since the bedroom doesn't see a ton of usage.

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Chundergrud said...

I understand your frustration, but this could happen to anyone else even with a different company. You see, I had nothing but good service through CircuitCity (despite their employees actions and the demise of the company). I bought my Sony DSC-W170 in store (CircuitCity), and got a smoking deal! To each his own! Personally I think BestBuy is over priced.

Nice blog, btw. I should start mine up again.