Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Adventures with Vista Media Center

Over the past year or so I've slowly been building up our entertainment equipment - starting with the HLT5075s that we purchased from BestBuy last year.  Since then, I've set up a Home Theater PC with a Blu-Ray drive, and begun using Vista Media Center.  It is very slick.  Most recently, we added a Hauppauge 2250 TV tuner to the machine as well as a Linksys DMA2200.

Overall I have been pretty pleased, although I was very miffed when it came out that Comcast announced that they were killing their analog service!  I bought the 2250 specifically for that feature, and would have just picked up 2 clear QAM tuners for $30 less had I known.

At any rate, we've been rather pleased to date.  Media Center has recorded shows like clockwork and it has been fantastic.  My wife picked it up no problem, so bonus points there.

Tonight, however, was a different story.  One show she had set to record was receiving no video signal, so it didn't record for her.  This was very disappointing as it was a January premiere she had been waiting since mid-November to see.  Luckily I was able to acquire the show quickly from another source so she could view it.  Still, it wasn't pleasant to experience it, especially since the source appeared fine when I viewed the same channel when she reported the problem.

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