Thursday, July 31, 2008

July Bills

Here goes - same rules apply from last month.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lionsgate Customer Support

I don't understand why big businesses feel the need to give customers the runaround. It seems they are still operating on a business model that is decades old and lends itself to abuse. However they do not realize that with the advent of things such as the internet the world is changing in a way like never before and their terrible customer service can hurt business more than ever.

This time the culprit is Lionsgate. In March, we purchased "Stargate - Extended Cut" on Blu-Ray disc from Unknown to us, the original pressing of this disc had a defect that caused the alien and foreign language subtitles to not appear unless you manually selected subtitle stream 3 each time you play the movie. They later quietly issued new Blu-Ray discs with a fix for the problem. A few folks over at avsforum have reported getting fixed versions. However, the thread is a few months old now and it seems the contact information listed in that thread is no longer being answered. I left a message there several months ago. I returned the disc to Amazon twice and they sent me new ones to attempt to correct the issue but the two new discs had the same issue. They then began refusing to replace the disc and to contact the publisher.

So, foolish me, I began searching for contact information. I found a Lionsgate Home Video customer support e-mail (there was no phone number). I tried e-mailing, however, I immediately received a bounced e-mail. So I tried the general inquiry e-mail, and received a similar rejection. It was at this point I attempted to find another e-mail address within the same domain. A quick search of found some phone numbers and e-mails. I called one of the offices and asked for assistance. They then stated that they aren't home entertainment and I should contact reception. They gave me a phone number and politely let me go. After that, I immediately called that phone number but discovered that it was not a valid number. I specifically verified the number twice with the receptionist to be sure. Why would they give me a bogus number intentionally?

I then e-mailed a contact address I found with the phone number and explained the situation that I am only seekingto get in touch with customer support. We'll see how it goes. One thing is clear though, I will not yield until I receive a corrected Blu-Ray DVD.