Sunday, June 22, 2008



The sound it seems no parent can escape. When I first heard horror stories of the infamous thud I thought to myself "Okay, I'll never let that happen."

Good intentions can end badly.

This morning when Rebecca was getting ready she asked an overly drowsy husband, namely me, to watch Peter who was crawling around on our bed after eating. I briefly opened my eyes, long enough for her to get the okay to go get read for church. Shortly after that, there was a loud thud and before Peter could even start crying (and cry he did!) I realized what happened: He crawled off the side of the bed.

Here I was all worried about him falling off the couch or something, but he takes a fall an extra 8" higher from our bed. I felt horrible. I immediately scooped him up but could not console his little tears of fear and pain. Finally he calmed down when he saw Rebecca, but he fussed for a few minutes more as I held him.

Sure as can be, five minutes later, he was trying to crawl to the edge of the bed to see what the heck was over there.

Peter is okay, but he has a bruise on his forehead. Luckily he didn't break any of his little bones (or his nose or anything else, like his neck!).

What a terrible feeling...

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