Monday, June 30, 2008

The Breakdown of our Middle Class Lifestyle

No, it isn't breaking down. Rather, I've made some pretty charts.

Having nearly an acre of land (0.876) near Fruitland Avenue on South Hill is expensive, but we think our quiet, dead end street is worth it. The most ruckus we've had in the nearly 2 years we've been here is the neighbor who ran over our mailbox (who has yet to fess up the $29.63 for the replacement) and the tree that came crashing down just after we moved in. Not bad, all things considered.

That being said, I think I'm putting it out there showing a breakdown of our expenses. How do yours stack up? Here's what went into the various categories:

"Bills" includes car insurance, cell phones (we do not have a home phone), misc. bills such as license renewal, and energy bill.

"Entertainment" was Comcast (TV and internet, although I consider internet a necessary bill. Definitely more than cell phones, but I digress). Movies, some toys for our son, gifts for other babies (birthday parties) and Netflix.

"Food" category covers trips to Fred Meyer, Costco, Winco, Target, and other stores. Some of this category is actually clothing and or small toys for our son. Also included was our dining out expenses.

"Gas" is pretty obvious - gasoline. Terrible. We set a new family record for driving this month, less than ever before, but our gas bill is higher than it has ever been since we got together.

"Medical" includes trips to the dentist, doctor, chiropractor.

"Misc" covered a hygeine product (hair clippers for a money saving cut for me!)

I'm curious to see how July will stack up. We have a wedding to go to, so gas will likely be higher in addition to a gift. Within that budget, we're also trying to conserve to save for cutting down the tree of death (mentioned earlier) which will come in at a heafty $450 as the bid stands now.

This pie chart doesn't include money put into personal savings, as that happens before the budget is even set. At the end of each month, my policy is that any remaining money will go towards paying down our car loan. After 2 months, we've paid nearly half the loan.

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