Saturday, March 8, 2008


Okay, so it has been awhile. Nevermind that. Nevermind the fact, also, that I am typing this at 10:42 PM on the night with one less hour of sleep.

I did, however, wish to provide an update on the coming and going of things. First, I will have more time to be with friends and family as well as do more on my house (which has sadly been forgotten these past few months). Why is this you ask? During the time between my posts, I accepted a position with the Puyallup School District. Although the gig at King County was good (they have good pot there[anyone who knows me knows that the previous comment was a joke. I do not condone or encourage the use of marijuana]), the commute was a real bear. My net time away from home will be reduced from 12 hours a day to just about 8 hours 10 minutes, or 2132 hours, down from 3120, for a net gain of 988 hours. Pretty nifty, huh?

In addition to big changes in the work life, the home life has changed a bit too. Peter grows each and every day, and it is great to see new milestones. The latest milestone hasn't been so plesant - his first cold - but overall things have been good, despite his very recent crankiness. I can't wait for him to get better.

Finally, I got out today and finally replaced my mailbox that my neighbor ran over back in November. You know, the neighbor who my whole family witnessed committing the act. The neighbor who said he'd replace said mailbox. The neighbor who will not respond to kindly written letters hand delivered to his door. The neighbor who will be getting a bill for my replacement costs, damaged mail, and installation fee. In addition to the mailbox, my dear neighbor and I felled some trees (okay, mostly him with a new chainsaw, but I watched, pointed, and helped move the newly cut wood around) and my brother Aaron came up and we managed to get through about 100 sq ft of blackberry vines, bushes, and other miscellaneous eye sores before my back began to give. I can't wait for a chance to tackle more of it! It looks so nice getting cleaned out.