Saturday, October 6, 2007


It's been awhile. As expected, having a baby and a new job can really take some time to manage. Speaking of that: The new job is going well. The commute is longer, but the price is right.

Today (in about an hour in fact) I have a local furnace business coming out to give me an estimate on replacing our old clunky flame-thrower-gas-oil-conversion that is about 45 years old. I'm thinking about a heat pump, but we'll see.

Finally, I haven't mowed the weeds in almost 4 weeks since we chopped up the fallen tree. Its sad because I've been so busy, the weeds have grown (luckily they appear to have stopped growing), but it still looks really bad all around. To make matters worse, the local mole population discovered that I now had less time to be bothersome and have taken up residence in my front yard (and probably out back too). Today, when I finally had time to mow: Rain. Go figure.

We did get some new games for the Wii - DDR Hottest Party, and Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition. Both seem rather cool, but we haven't put more than 20 minutes into them collectively since we got them last week.

I did order a laptop for my computer consulting business, so that should be here around the 17th-19th (says Dell). Hopefully this way I'll be able to get in about 1.5 hrs of consulting work done per day on the train ride, and it will pay for itself (yeah, right). Oh well, at least its a tax write off for the business.