Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Expert Plumbing Repair

Today after work I decided to take a nap after work. I was quite fatigued, so laying down and falling asleep felt extremely good. Please note that I very rarely take a nap, especially a nap of my own volition. I was awakened during a very peaceful resting time by my wife, who was going to cook dinner and do the dishes. She informed me in a very sweet peaceful tone that water was leaking from the bottom of the sink.


I thought the kitchen was flooding, so I jumped out of bed to investigate. Upon examination, I saw that the water was simply overflowing into the garbage can when a large flow was passing through the piping. Big whoop. No flood. It can wait until after dinner.

So come 8 PM I puff out my chest, lower my voice and proclaimed to my wife, "I'm going to fix the sink now." Upon reaching the kitchen, placing a bucket under the sink pipes to catch any water that were to drain from it, I began my examination.

It appears my kitchen plumbing was recently redone (I say recently because the house is over 40 years old and this is clearly fairly new PVC pipe) and it has very nice hand threadable piping. I reach to the top part of the pipe (connected to the sink) to see if I can remove it by hand or if I need to get a wrench.

To my surprise, I noticed the pipe wasn't connected to the sink at all! I loosened the grip of the clamp mechanism , pushed the pipe up into place where it should attach, then tightened it down. No more leak.

Apparently gravity can exact its toll on a system that doesn't actually connect - however I think it has to do more with us bumping the system with the garbage and recycling cans when we change bags.

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