Saturday, March 24, 2007

Send Off

I live next door to my best friend - Brandon. He is preparing to leave on a mission to Guatemala on Tuesday for two years. It is a little sad that he'll be gone, but I know that he'll do good things and come back with all sorts of great stories. I am glad for that.

Additionally, with Rebecca and our baby due in September, it should be a pretty good adventure. He'll get back and have a new friend.

I'm glad things really haven't broken around here in the past few weeks. I have used the time to recuperate and rest. I've also been exercising (or trying to) every night for 45 mnutes. I was 5 for 7 this week. It beats 0 for 7, for sure.

I'm a bit down on the weather, though. I don't mind the rain usually but I'd like to get out side and get my yard in order. We've still got a large tree out back thats really throwing off my groove for mowing the lawn. As a matter of fact, I can't get out to the woodshop without tracking in a bunch of wet footprints and possibly getting the remaining 5-6 pieces of floor wet. Yuck. I'd like to get this finished so I can start on the interior doors and trim, then do the main living room floor.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Daylight Saving Time

Let me start off by saying that I enjoy DST more than Standard time because the sun more closely resembles my ideal sleep pattern.

Apart from that, it has been hectic for some people where I work. Dealing with computers that weren't updated, interacting with those that were, have caused some headaches for people. I find it interesting that our group got everything up to date but others fell short on just 2 days notice that things wouldn't perform as advertised because of the change over.

I guess I'm proud to be thorough at what I do.