Tuesday, February 6, 2007

A little progress

So, Saturday we started in on our laminate floors. My wife went to the movies after working (it is tax season again) with her grandma while my brother once again came over to offer assistance. Joining us as well was my best friend Brandon. He also happens to be my next door neighbor!

Here we're working hard

The first few rows are complete

We're always having fun.

My brother got a little aggressive. Thats why you plan for waste.

After we stopped on Saturday (completing most of the living room) I continued to work Monday and Tuesday (today) on the floor and extended it into the bedroom from the hallway. Challenges included the 45 degree wall for where the door is, and various gaps where the wall isn't quite straight. All in all, it is coming along nicely. Tomorrow I think will be more of a "cleanup" and prep day, where Thursday I'll get into laying flooring again.

Looking into the computer (and soon to be baby's) room

Looking out to the hall area

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