Sunday, January 28, 2007

A Little Elbow Grease

Last Sunday, as well as today, my brother Justin and I worked diligently around my house. He is a general handyman so I decided to use his reasonable labor rates and put him to work. The result was fantastic! Last Sunday we finalized the wall patches where oddly placed electrical outlets were located prior to our electrical renovation, then painted the room a stunning "Rapture Blue" that looks very nice. Justin did have a minor encounter with about a quart of paint.

Today we tackled the hideously overgrown bushes out front. We did not particularly care for them, they were too large and all around pretty nasty. The result is a wonderfully revealed front of the house. A little more pruning and finessing is all the yard needs to look fantastic. If you need a handyman, drop a note in the form of a comment with contact info such as an e-mail address and I'll put you in touch with Justin.

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