Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good: The contractor guy finally showed up to get an idea for price for the laminate installation we purchased last week.

The Bad: He tried to reschedule a second time. Thursday, I got a call from someone else saying that he wouldn't be able to make it - 20 minutes before he was scheduled to arrive. Friday I rescheduled for Saturday, to call him at noon to firm up the plans. Today (Saturday) I call, he says no big deal, he has to go out to Federal Way then will be up to Puyallup after a "quick measuring job" there. Worst case, I expect him about 2 PM. 5 PM rolls around and I am getting agitated, and I try to call. About 6:30 he calls back and says "Oh well will you be around tomorrow?"

Technically, yes - seeing as I live here. Unfortunately, for you, no I will not. I told him to come over and he did. 5 minutes after he arrived he walked out and let me know I should have a firm estimate by 3 PM Sunday.

The Ugly:
No matter how you slice it, we're going to have to chop off the bottom 2-4 inches of all the interior door jams to make the floor look right. It really isn't a big deal, as I was going to have them replaced later, just it will look ugly(ier) for awhile until I get some new doors to hang.

Now we wait. If anyone knows a place where I can get a good price on some basic 4-6 panel pre-hung interior doors (white) please let me know.

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