Sunday, December 17, 2006

Wii are out of luck

Objective: Obtain a Nintendo Wii
Location: BestBuy
Intelligence: BestBuy will be receiving at least 40 Wii's. Those in line by 7 am will get a voucher for a Wii.

Mission Report: At 0545, awoke to cold. Dressed and left beautiful wife to set out in search of this "mission impossible" item. Arrived at 5:50. There were over 50 people in line already. After trying to stay warm talking to others in line, the time passed slowly. Reports from the cell phones said that nearby Target, Gamestop, and EB Games also had hundreds in line. At approximately 7:10 the line dispersed. We were confused and in awe, until we heard the grumbles louder and louder: BestBuy only had 21 Wii's. The other 100 of us would have to go home empty handed. The manager, who was in the store since 5 AM, waited 2 hours to come out and tell us the number he had in stock. Common courtesy would have dictated he come tell us before we freeze our buns off!

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Rob said...

what a fucking douchebag.

sorry, had to defile your blog once...