Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Big Weekend

So, New Years is here and we've got quite a plan (It is a wonder that I laughed a few years back when I saw Old School and the newly married Frank is laughed at by the college kids at the party because he won't drink as a result of his "big plans" which involved going to the Home Depot).

Here is the rundown -
Friday we're both off from work so we're going to lunch with relatives.
Friday evening we're meeting a friend of mine for dinner who is up from Hawaii
Saturday we have plans to go to the Home Depot to purchase a range hood fan with our gift card.
Finally, Sunday we'll go to church and spend time with family and friends until Monday when we'll rest after the whole New Year celebration.

The mortgage is paid today and nothing has broken(yet) so I think we're in good shape.


Rebecca said...

Umm.. sounds great sweetie! I love you. Looking forward to a wonderful year with the most amazing man ever! I'm looking forward in many more years with you, till we are old and gray and have to use walkers :)

I love you forever

Glenn E. Malone said...

You are Frank!...Let's not go Streakin!