Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Morning Snow

There is almost nothing more relaxing for me than waking up with a cup of hot chocolate, eating some oat meal, then looking out on the wonderful snow blanket that has been undisturbed in the morning hours. Wonderful. God is great.

Monday, November 27, 2006


After wrapping the external pipes, we've begun to get more snow here!


Quick note,

I've added a link on the right there for Picasa, a free photo editing tool from Google. It is very handy and helpful working with photos. Download it and give it a try!

Sunday, November 26, 2006


I awoke today to see a startling sight: Our 45 year old redwood tree out back had a large portion felled from the wind. Thank goodness it was the opposite direction from the house! I have a feeling we'll be having this tree removed for fear of potential damage.

Septic System Awry

In a startling fashion, I was alerted to a problem with the septic system the other day when I heard a very frightening, "Glug, glug, glug" from the toilet after a flush. Curious to know whether or not something had become lodged in the toilet, I waited for the toilet to settle then decided to test flush to see how bad the blockage was. To my dismay, the toilet began to overflow!

I frantically dried up the water and tried to stop it. After the water level went down a bit, I broke out the plunger. I began to vigorously plunge, until there was nearly no water left in the bowl. I put the plunger aside in the bath tub (as to not disturb my newly dried floor)...when I noticed a fowl inch of water in the tub. Oh no!

At 9:45 at night the toilet has backed up into the tub! I desperately sought immediate assistance from Google's search engine and anyone who was on Google Talk at the time. A friend and colleague of mine indicated that many clogs occur at the "T" in the septic system intake from the house when it is a main line clog. I began to dig to uncover the access point, but I could not find it. I gave up at 11:30 PM and went to bed.

The next day I was able to enlist my neighbor to my cause. We sent a garden hose down the clean out underneath the house, but hit a blockage "hard as rock". We then found the access, but couldn't see the blockage, so we popped open the manhole. We still couldn't see the blockage, so I got my camera (ewww, right?...don't worry the smell was the worst part).

After lowering the camera down in, we rotated the screen to get a look at what we were dealing with. After concluding the cement pipe did not cave in, we took a 4' metal pipe I had laying around and inserted it to break up the blockage. Once we finished a bit of mushing, my neighbor graciously went back under the house and ran the garden hose down and we flushed out the remaining debris.

The best part? I just saved a ton of money by switching my car ins..plumbing service to "DIY" (Do it yourself).


Welcome to Musings of a Puyallup Homeowner. My name is Preston Gallwas, a new homeowner in the Puyallup area of Washington State. I decided to create this blog to share my thoughts, trials, and happenings at my new home as my wife and I try to make a house into a home.

I am currently 20 years old. We purchased our home September 28th, 2006. Being an older home, we knew we'd have to do some work to get it ready. We knew from the onset that we'd want the electrical system in the house completely rewired, some rooms painted, and old carpet removed before we moved in. As a result, we moved in near the beginning of November.

After a few interesting 'bumps' as a homeowner, I decided to start this blog to share some of the experiences from someone who was raised in apartments all his life. I hope to make my story interesting for anyone who cares to follow it.